Jogging:Losing Your Breath to Find Your Heartbeat

I just discovered something fascinating about myself recently and it prompted me to write this article.

Well, I am the kind of girl who easily gets tired so it’s very ironic that I am going to write about jogging this time.

First, let me tell you about my daily routine; in the morning, I go to work at 8AM. Sit on an office chair for the whole day. Eat. Go home after work. Eat again. Watch for a while. Then sleep.

That’s why, when I went on a vacation in our place last June, everyone noticed that I have gained a lot of weight. Well for me, those comments didn’t surprise me anymore, I am completely aware of it. I will not expect my calories to voluntarily burn themselves with the kind of lifestyle that I have.

But somehow, this weight issue bothered me. During the entire duration of my vacation, all I want is to stay at home. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to meet my friends and relatives whom I did not see for more than two years.

I decided when I went back from that vacation to do something about it. I don’t want to be called fat all my life. It’s just so frustrating!

The next day, after praying to God to help me in my weight problem, my friends are talking about jogging at the office. I think God gave me the answer right away.

I learned that my friend goes out for jogging everyday. I told myself that maybe, I can try it, too. So I asked if I can join him. At first he thought I was joking. But when he realized that I am dead serious, we came out with a work out plan.


As my BMI is 25.3, which of course falls in the overweight category, we agreed to jog atleast thirty minutes everyday for a month and every other day after.

At first, a 2-kilometer jog for me is too much. We started the first round and I almost gave up. I am walking most of the time and my pace is only twenty-one minutes and fifty-two seconds per mile. After two rounds, I stopped. I can’t do it anymore. My legs are so painful and I can hardly breathe, I am so tired!

After our first session, my friend started motivating me. He told me that I should not be discouraged because it is just our first day. Our body is still adjusting. And we should be pushing ourselves more towards our goal. We need to lose atleast one kilogram per week.

So basically, we went jogging again the next day. We finished three rounds. And according to our running application, we ran a total of 1.98 miles with a pace of twenty-one minutes and forty-eight seconds per mile that day.

Since we are so serious about this work out plan, we have printed a tracker to track the distance and the time that we are spending everyday. We are also using it to track our daily performance. On our fifth day, we ran for an hour and a total distance of 2.86 miles.

The good news happened on our seventh day, we achieved our goal! We lose one kilogram!

The feeling is fulfilling. It’s just that I can’t believe that jogging is already a part of my daily routine. I used to hate it. I don’t even want to hear anything about it before.

I now understand why people often talk about jogging as a mind-refreshing activity. I experienced it myself. Jogging gives me a wonderful feeling. Things are different when I look at them while I am jogging; the surroundings are clearer, the moon shines brighter and the trees are more beautiful. Just amazing! I realized that jogging is not mainly about health or building a muscle, it’s actually more of a therapy for the mind and soul.

Jogging makes my disappointments disappear and it gives me a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. All I can think is how wonderful life is. It’s making me feel better; worry-free, stress-free, just wonderful!


We are on our fifteenth day today and we are already reaching a five-kilometer distance with an 18-minute pace per mile. We lose two kilograms, too! I’ve never been proud of myself. For a girl who is not used to jogging before, this is a very big achievement for me.

But the thing here is, it’s not about the numbers that matter anymore. It’s the realization that when we enjoy what we’re doing, the thing that seems impossible before becomes possible. It gives us an unexplainable feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

I actually thought of writing this article while I’m jogging. I just felt the need to share it; it might be that someone out there just needs to read this kind of article to be motivated.

So if you are one of them, don’t to it later. Start jogging now!

Invest on a comfy pair of running shoes. Get the right jogging attire. Download a good music that will boost your mood while jogging. Set a goal. Find a reason to motivate yourself (think about finally having the confidence to wear those beautiful dresses if you need to). Get out of that bed. Start jogging!



And lastly, don’t forget to smile; it makes you look more gorgeous while running. Stand nice and run tall. Do not be afraid to lose your breath to find your heartbeat. Your legs won’t be tired. And yes, you can still breath!


Note: Photos Credit To The Owner

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