A Father’s Tough Love

Anger Strikes

Respect is slowly fading
Just as how my personality is degrading
Faith is swiftly sinking
Because of the hypocrite’s unreasonable reasoning

Why should I be the one to suffer?
From all the faults caused by the fault finder
Why is he blinded not to see that he’s not a perfect
And all the blame was diverted to the pitiful
emotional prisoner

Why is this life turned to be bull****?
All I wanna do is to always curse it
When the demon is but ready to hit death
I will not be afraid, not even considered a threat

-May 27, 2010

The poem that you have just read depicts how angry I was during that moment. Would you believe if I say that this composition is for my father? Sounds ungrateful, isn’t it?

I was young, emotional and loves to write back then and I apologize for using all the words that I used on my composition.

But let me make it up to my father by sharing you this next composition that I have written last month. (By the way, the anger that I have felt when I was writing “Anger Strikes” only lasted for a day. So relax. My father and I are good.)

Please take time to read my composition below. This is for all the fathers out there. Your efforts and sacrifices are all appreciated!

Movies, nowadays, have taught us lots of lessons in life. We may not be aware of it, but some of our actions were actually influenced by  one of the movies that we have watched one time in our lives.

Well, for me, one of my hobbies is watching. I’ve been a fan of Hindi Films since 2010 after watching 3 Idiots. This movie has taught me a lot of life’s lessons. I got amaze by how this movie changed my perspective about success and life in general. This movie has awakened my interest in watching more Hindi movies. I’ve watched Every Child is Special, Ghajini, PK, and just today I have watched Dangal.

Dangal is a sports-drama film based on a true story. It’s a story of how a father trained his two daughters to be world-class wrestlers.  This father has to go against the norm of the village in order to achieve his dream for his two daughters. Everyone from their village was against him and he didn’t listen to whatever the villagers had to say about him.

This father has to set aside his role as a father to his daughters in order for him to be their coach, extraordinary coach.

At first, his ways are hard to understand. His daughters did not spend their childhood days as normal kids do. They spent their days  training to be a future professional wrestler.

The funny thing here is, wrestling in their village is designed as a sport for boys, and so it is really impossible for these two girls to even be qualified for a match. But nothing really is impossible to a father who has dreams for his daughters.

To cut the story short, (I suggest you have to watch the movie yourself, I highly recommend it), Mahavir Singh Phogat, the girls’ father, was able to bring his daughters to the International Wrestling Competition Level and one of his daughters was able to win a gold medal for India, making her the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in an International Wrestling Competition.

I have watched a father-daughter movie many times and I’ve never been this emotional before. I was so touched that it even prompted me to  write a composition about it. 

It made me realized that hard trainings actually produce champions.  Sometimes, the harder the training,the better we become. It made me  appreciate my father more.
I didn't understand what my father is trying to teach me before until I watched this movie.

This line from the girls’ father made me cry; “Your papa won’t be there to save you every time. I can only teach you to fight. But you have to fight for yourself. Make the effort to save yourself.”

In the real world, we have to be courageous in order to survive. If we're not strong enough, we will always be found hiding  in a corner, crying. 

If we are not bold enough, we'll always end up being the victim of those people who were trained to stand up for themselves. Our family will only be there to give us pieces of advice, to guide us, but most of the time, this world requires us to fight our battles alone. 

Now, as for our fathers, if they need to bury their emotions and their role as our fathers in order for them to raise a champion, or someone who has the power to overcome this competitive world, they will. 

They know how dangerous it is to be left in the real world and so they are trying all their best to prepare us. As what the girls' father told them, our fathers can only teach us how to fight, but we have to fight for our selves. 

"Sometimes, the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance."- Ruth E. Renkel


Photo credit to the owner.

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