Real Me

Since I can’t think of anything to write about, I’m gonna share my poem which I made for myself last October 2009. It’s actually a sad poem since I am struggling during that time.

It’s funny that when we are at the lowest points of our lives, all we can think about is how hopeless our situation is. We are not matured enough to accept that this is the real world, bad things happen and we need to accept it whether we like it or not. Different seasons give us different lessons. We need to completely embrace each season; overcome the bad and enjoy the good ones.

We should always think that tomorrow is a new day. We can beat a negative situation by keeping a positive attitude. We should not dare giving up. A bad day doesn’t mean it’s a bad life.

Anyway, here’s how my poem goes:

I am alone in the dark
Waiting to see even just a tiny spark
Why can’t I find the real me
All that’s there is my unwanted personality

Why is there a need for me to suffer
The sadness and tears I cannot cover
From all the tears I am totally numb
Can’t say a single word I became dumb

I was blinded by this world’s cruelty
Tired and sick of people’s hypocrisy
When will these things come to an end?
When will these wounds and heartbreaks mend?

I am in a dark world, confused
Living in this world I even want to refuse
Why could just my life be over?
When the personality I’m yearning for, I can’t recover

-October 4, 2009
Photo credit to the owner.

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