Ephesians 3:19

“to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.’’

God loves us very much that He has given His life for us to be saved. He loves us very much that though we are yet sinners, He saved us through His grace. If we understand all these, we are very blessed; it means that we have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will lead us to being with God in eternity.

Knowing and understanding how God loves us will give us that feeling of wanting to do things for Him. We will have that feeling of gratefulness that will motivate us to do things for His glory.

When we love someone, we are willing to do things for that someone even if it means sacrificing our own happiness. That’s how God loved us when He gave His life for our salvation. If we can feel that same love in our hearts for Him, rejoice. If not, do something. It might be that we need to pray hard and read more of His words and seek His presence.

Sacrificing worldly things and prioritizing heavenly things are proofs that we are inlove with our Savior. If we are inlove with Him, we are filled with His fullness and in every step of the way, our only desire in our lives is to acknowledge and please Him.

God only wants one thing from us; love Him as He loved us. He will not give His life for us for nothing. He wants us to understand that He is willing to die, for us to have an everlasting life with Him. We should not in any way take for granted the sacrifice that God has done for us. We should do something to fight for our faith until the end. He wants us to put in our minds, that living without Him as the reason, is nothing; we should not do things on our own, He is there, He is our Father and we are His children.

As our Father, He wants us, His children to follow Him, to listen to Him and give importance to the salvation that He has given us. He is a great God and great is His love. Without Him, we have no reason to live. We belong to Him. We need to show Him the same love that He showed when He died on the cross. He is longing for us to love Him back with all our hearts, mind and soul.


Father, forgive us for our sins. We know that we disappointed You many times. We cry for Your forgiveness. We want to live our lives for You. We want to show You how grateful we are Lord and help us to dedicate this life to You. We are weak Lord, strengthen us, that we will be able to fight all these world’s temptations. Change us, Jesus. Change our hearts and give us an obedient heart, worthy of Your love. We want to let You know that we are so thankful for Your grace, for Your kindness, for Your mercy and for the life that You gave us through the cross. Help us not to take You for granted. We want to live our lives for You. We ask this with all our hearts Lord, help us to live our lives for You, we want to be with You in eternity. Clean our hearts that we may see You. Fill our spirits that we might live for You. All these, we ask, in Your Name Jesus, Amen.


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