To the 2017 Version of You, Well Done!

2017 is almost over and 2018 is just around the corner.

Since it’s a new year, it’s not new anymore that people will talk about their new year’s resolutions and the changes that they want to make within themselves and there is nothing wrong with all of these. I am actually happy everytime I hear about New Year’s resolutions and all these changes that people are planning to make. It only means that they want to improve themselves and they don’t want to settle to wherever they are right now.

But the thing is, before we get too excited about the New Year, let us stop for a while and let’s remember the great things that we did this year. Because of wanting so much to achieve the things that we don’t have as the new year comes, we tend to forget the things that we were able to achieve and the goals that we were able to accomplish this year; the things and goals that we once set for ourselves or maybe even one of the resolutions that we made last year.

As we enter the New Year, we deserve to recognize ourselves. 2017 is a victorious year and this is something that should not be ignored but is something that we need to celebrate about. Despite the trials, we were able to walk ourselves through the whole year. Certainly, we made some mistakes but we learned from them. We’ve grown so much as a person. We were able to make one of our biggest dreams into reality and we were able to help and inspire a lot of people. We enjoy where we currently stand and isn’t this the most wonderful feeling?

Whoever is reading this right now; you deserve the recognition, well done! Welcome the New Year with gladness and hold your head up high! 2017 is proud of you and 2018 will certainly be proud of you, too.


To another year full of happiness, hope and contentment! Happy 2018!

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